Without thought or agenda, the earth inhales and exhales, extends and breaks down, meanders and reflects. Glassy lakes naturally mirror the shore-side trees and mountain peaks, offering an alternate view of the leafy branches that reach over the waters’ surface, as roots navigate the soils beneath.

An opposing view and a change of perspective: a way we can look down, rest our eyes and observe again. Slow down, reflect. The trees do not need to be reminded to be calm and think; they grow steadily and with purpose. The mountains are not told to remain steady and strong, but still dominate our landscapes. However, the importance of gratitude and reflection in the busy lives of today must be practiced and remembered. Like the trees and the mountains, slow down and take a second look. After all, our actions are a reflection of our soul.

Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

Scotland Docks

Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

Cub Lake, Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

Loch Lomond, Scotland