Along The Riverbank

Cradled in the calm of spring, the sounds of the rising river move me. Savoring the grasses, wildflowers and honeysuckle that encircle me, I look out over the field and begin breathing again. I cross the lush green and enter into a small entrance encouraged by redirecting branches and vines. A large apple tree looms invitingly much like a comfortable place for a hobbit to dwell. I make my way between the briars to where a tree lay propped on the river bank. I sit on one end and watch the water swirl around the other end. A heron takes flight and two geese land. The geese watch from a distance as they float with the current. I watch as the butterflies dance through the flowers and tall grass and listen to the birds. I am not sure how long I perched there like a content tree toad but it was long enough to feel sane again. From my vantage point, the world is insane. Here is where I feel that familiar, spiritual, mystical emotion welling inside my chest.

For people like me there is only one way to feel “right” after a day of battling the human condition and that is to find respite in natural surroundings. It is honestly the only place where I have ever felt a higher consciousness, connectedness to the earth, spiritual peace—God.  It often seems otherworldly and surreal: obviously a strange paradox for some but for me it makes sense. I picture a wise elder standing before me gesturing toward the horizon before touching his chest and softly stating, “Out there is the only pathway to in here”. If you have experienced it, you get me. In my world life is about spirit and living is about enthusiasm. If you pay close attention, spirit will inspire you. Authentic feelings motivate like nothing else. Having a sense of fun and wonder each day is an excellent way to ensure a sense of deep satisfaction when the day is done. Being as enthusiastic and open as possible can help us find adventure in all things magnificent and the rest of the world becomes insignificant.