The Maine Life

The cliffs and ocean of Portland, Maine hold many stories.  Hard working fisherman wake up at 4am to haul traps by hand, from sunrise to sunset.  The long, cold winters expose the fishing crews to much danger, the sight of shipwrecks in the freezing waves a permanent reminder. But  on Sundays the fisherman get a break, for on that day fishing is illegal–it’s God’s day.  All these stories came to mind as I walked the docks in late Spring, taking pictures of the boats and the cliffs where the Portland Headlight warns fishermen of the rugged shore.

In Portland, winter is bitter and spring is rainy, but summer is perfect.  There are 4,613 islands off the coast and each one has something to offer.  On Peaks Island is Reggae Sunday, jamming all summer long.

Reggae Sunday takes place from early June to mid-September, depending on the weather. There is nothing like piling all your buddies into a friend’s boat with some Budweiser and heading to Peaks for some good vibes and funky music. (You can check out the MySpace page here:  And check out one of Portland’s most infamous reggae bands at this website:

Another summer-time favorite is camping on Richmond Island, right off the coast of Cape Elizabeth.  At only two miles long, it’s easy to explore, by canoe, kayak, or speedboat.  There are four beaches and night-time bonfires are a must.

Everything out there is well conserved. You will find sand dunes, forests, grasslands and beaches all within the small island. The island is also home to many sheep and a single caretaker who lives in a small cabin and preserves the unique ecosystem. (  If you ever want to visit Maine, I suggest visiting in July or August.

 Maine is known as ‘vacationland’ for many east coasters . . . but I just call it home.