Life Through My Eyes

I am 14 years old, born in Boulder, Colorado, raised in Frenchtown, Montana. And this is life through my eyes. I have been raised with a very loving family, and everything I could ask for: a house, a sport to love, the support to do it. Photography is not about having the DSLR camera, a five hundred dollar lens, the best editing program out there, and being world famous. It’s about expressing yourself, loving what you’re doing, progressing through life, and documenting it.  It’s the same story for everything I do.

For me, photography is the best way to capture those moments that mean the most to me, and having something to look back on to make me happy and keep me going when I feel I can’t anymore.  It’s a way to capture the little things that mean the world to me and share it with those who are willing to see and follow my life, the progress I make, and the amazing things, moments, and people I come across along the way.

Growing up in Frenchtown has been hard for me. I am the only one like me. I wear kind of skinny jeans, button down shirts, and fedora types of hats. I am the furthest from country boy, and have an entire different take on life, and goal in it as well. So, part of this story is to give other people like me the realization that there are others out there, who share the interests, who have the same life views.

My goal is not to be world famous, but known, and give people like I just mentioned something to relate to, because I know how it is. I do dream of being a known photographer, as well as an Olympic skier, either way I will do the things I love for as long as possible because I am happy doing it.

So, life through my eyes is exactly as it sounds. It is my life, the things I love and will never forget, and followed or not I will always be a photographer. Enjoy Life Through My Eyes.

Hunter’s photography can be found through his facebook page.