Deep Slotty Canyons

Exploring takes on many forms and, indeed, it happens in many places.  One of the most unique types of exploring is certainly canyoneering, and particularly the intricate and constricting type that occurs in slot canyons.  Squeezing, chimneying, shimmying, and sometimes even wading through the dark slits of Earth leaves one wondering if a flash flood will come rushing down at any moment–or will the canyon suddenly end in a two-hundred foot fall.  This film provides a first-hand look into the North Wash canyon adventure, on top the head of Sam Goodhue, avid canyoneer and frequenter of the Utah desert.  Here we have a two-part film, just a glimpse into one of his many journeys.  Sam has his own website documenting all his Sandstone Stories.  Enjoy.

Part One:


Part Two: