EVERYONE’S GOT A STORY.  Wait, you don’t think so?  You don’t think you’ve got an adventure inside?  Well . . . check it out.  Adventure is EVERYWHERE.  It’s in the living room, it’s on the sidewalk, it’s in music halls and waiting on street corners.  On top of mountains, in the oceans, huddled in the backseat of taxi cabs and in the moments that leave you breathless, adventure can be found.  

The trick is knowing how to find it.

That’s where Expedition Underground comes in.  We are regular, everyday people who love to find the interesting pieces of this world.  We’re not professionals getting paid to do this, just amateurs searching for something beyond the routine.  What’s that mean?  It means you are just like everybody else in this place, and it also means you are adventurous!

Your assignment:

  • write 500 words on the best adventure you have ever been on.
  • compile 10 photographs from a great time in life.
  • create a short-film on something everyone needs to see.

(Really, if your professor handed this out in college it would be like the greatest assignment ever.)


Our Team

Marty Brodsky, Editor-In-Chief

Marty Brodsky, Editor-In-Chief, grew up where it was flat, riding horses and dirtbikes, but every year in the Spring it was off to the mountains and they eventually stole his heart and his adventurous spirit. Now living in Boulder, Colorado, Marty climbs, hikes, camps, plays guitar for beer money, and hangs out in coffee shops to write about it.








Farid Khelfaoui, CTO

Farid Khelfaoui, Chief Technology Officer, has lived coast-to-coast and a few choice places in between.  Now in Lake Tahoe, California, he boats all summer and skis all winter.  The towering pine trees behind his house make a great habitat for both squirrels and web developers.